• Death to the Stock Photo was started by two photographers in Columbus, Ohio who sought out to rid the world of bad stock photography. [1 of 3]

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design 15 Sep 2014

Jaclyn Johnson is the founder of creatively-driven marketing, events, and influencer agency (No Subject) and head honcho at create+cultivate, a traveling creative summit that seeks to enlighten, entertain and inspire. She also blogs at somenotesonnapkins. TWITTER  INSTAGRAM  FACEBOOK

  • You Work For Them is a mecca of creative tools started by designers. They have a few holistic solutions, including Nanamee (stock art), YouWorkForThem (fonts and images) and Buamai (inspiration). [2 of 3]
  • Unsplash is a simple concept, 10 new high–res photos every 10 days that you can do whatever you want with. Genius? Yes. Helpful? You betcha! [3 of 3]

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style 10 Sep 2014

Eliana Petrides on surreal fashion.

design 8 Sep 2014

Marina van Goor creates space for temporary disconnection.

culture 5 Sep 2014

The bac-ta-gon curatorial team shares a few of their inspirations.