• Print electronics right from your home office? Maybe one day. Cornell engineers who designed this 3D-printed loudspeaker—it really works!—say it's just the tip of the iceberg. [1 of 3]

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tech 30 Jul 2014

Jenny Leonard edits Futurity.org, a site for science junkies and curious minds. The site highlights discoveries by scientists at top universities around the world. She also collaborates on a sister site about undergrads called My4.org. "I love scientists. No problem is too big." TWITTER  FACEBOOK

  • This pacemaker developed at Stanford is really small—about the size of a grain of rice. Even better, it's wireless. To recharge it, you wave a device the size of a credit card near your chest. [2 of 3]

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food 28 Jul 2014

Tracie McMillan explores the new face of hunger.

tech 25 Jul 2014

Sonia Epstein looks at the intersection of science and culture.

culture 23 Jul 2014

Jon Rubin intervenes in public life.