• There may be such a thing as too smart... We Put A Chip In It showcases all the everyday items that someone, somewhere, decided to stick a microchip in. We apparently now have smart socks, smart deodorant, smart rocks, smart basketballs, and other smart things that worked just fine when they weren’t. [1 of 3]

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culture 27 Apr 2015

Tony Hightower hosted his first trivia night in early 2006, after his last band broke up. 9+ years later, he heads TriviaNYC, and he’s also the organizer for the Trivia Championships of America (TCONA), which happens every August in Las Vegas, and you should seriously consider attending. TWITTER  FACEBOOK  SOUNDCLOUD

  • Every year, the Overthinking It podcast puts on a video series breaking down the Eurovision Song Contest in excruciating detail. Every country gets their own episode with national statistics, demographics, political status, how they’ve done in previous years at Eurovision, and what their song entry is this time around. It's a fantastic way to bone up on this odd, amazing competition before it starts on May 19. [2 of 3]
  • On Saturday, May 2nd, literary-themed events will be happening across the country as part of Independent Bookstore Day, and what better way to learn trivia than reading books? I may be partial to Wait Wait, I’ve Read That, an NPR-ish live panel trivia show with celebrity guests at the Astoria Bookshop in Queens, but as long as you get out to your local bookstore, you’re good. [3 of 3]

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lit 22 Apr 2015

VSL editor Alexa Jaccarino reads the Brothers Grimm.

culture 20 Apr 2015

Diane Pham maps it out.

style 17 Apr 2015

Negative Underwear cofounders Marissa Vosper and Lauren Schwab practice self-love every day.