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APRIL 8, 2008

What football
(or “soccer”)
should look like
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WEB VIDEO: "FIFA Street 3"

Even with David Beckham onboard, soccer isn’t nearly as popular stateside as it is everywhere else on earth. But that might change instantly if the sport played out as it does in this stunning commercial for the video game FIFA Street 3. The ad, by Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam, shows players pulling off jaw-dropping (and almost head-smashing) ball-handling tricks in Mexico City. The moves are so slick and perfectly executed that YouTube commenters have been asking, “Is it real?”

Well, sort of — the producers combined live action with a few green-screen effects. But authenticity is hardly the point: The video is so kinetic — with players running up walls, doing flips, and jumping off roofs while kicking and juggling the ball — that it manages to apply the crazy physics of video games to real life.

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